Best Canadian online video slots

fruit fiesta

Now you know how to play, so quickly pick your favorite game to start an online game. You better pay close attention to the slot machine you choose. A low quality game can be very boring and expensive. To avoid having to live with its difficulties, only play games from the best developers. Good news, we’ve scoured the web to find some gems for you. Proceeding by elimination, we kept only 5 video slots out of the hundreds available. These are without a doubt the best Canadian online video slots.

Top 5 Canadian online slots

Mega moolah

Mega Moolah is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot. It was designed by the game development industry giant Micro gaming. This slot offers you very good graphic quality, and catchy tones. The particularity of Mega Moolah lies mainly in its simplicity. This is an ideal game if you are a beginner, or have very little slots skills. The principle of the game is within the reach of everyone. You just need to make winning combinations (alignment of symbols) from left to right of at least 3 characters, to achieve a win. The game also admits special symbols that allow you to pocket a maximum of coins, but what Canadian players appreciate above all about mega moolah are these 4 progressive jackpots,


Unlike the previous slot, Avalon is not a Progressive Jackpot Video Slot. However, this game deserves its place in our selection of the best Canadian online slots. This other game from Micro Gaming consists of 5 reels for 20 paylines. What we find lovable in this game is first of all the theme from which it is inspired. Avalon recounts the legend of King Arthur in his own way. With each turn of the game, a new story is told, and you decide if there will be a happy ending (by winning of course). Avalon exists in two parts (Avalon and Avalon 2). These two episodes contain similar functions. To win, you must align at least 3 characters from left to right. Special symbols entitle you to extra spins, and increase your winnings. Ultimately,

Game Of Thrones

If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones event series, you will be delighted to see that Micro Gaming has designed a video slot machine just for you. We can say that this developer has outdone himself in creating this game, because it is a slot of very good quality. First of all, we note the absence of winning lines in this slot machine. Game of Thrones then offers up to 243 ways to win. The basic principle is the same as for classic slot machines. You have to align 3 symbols on the reels that include the game. You will be immersed in the universe of the series, with its legendary credits, and symbols inspired by the work. There you will find all kinds of squatters, wilds, and special symbols that trigger free spins, and allow you to win the maximum. NB: This game is available in 2 versions.

Fruit Fiesta

This game is made under the theme of fruits, and traditional Mexico. This is a very easy to play, but impressive payout video slot machine. It has a good progressive jackpot, which is likely to make you a millionaire if you land it. Fruit Fiesta has 5 reels for 20 paylines. What we found quite a shame about this game is that it is not yet available in free mode. Either way, we endorse the quality of Real Money Game Play. There are several ways to win at this video slot machine, although the principle of play remains the same as for the other games (line up identical symbols to win). The small difference here is that you can line up some mixed symbols, and win a small amount. Furthermore,

Hound Hotel

Let’s end this selection of the best Canadian online video slots with another micro gaming title, Hound Hotel. As the name suggests, the game is based on an animal theme, showing dogs that inhabit a hotel. It’s pretty whimsical, and Canadian players love it. Hound Hotel is a 5 reel slot for 25 paylines, very easy to play, with good graphics and sound quality. To achieve a winning combination, you must line up 3 symbols together. What makes the game even more exciting is the presence of Dashing wilds symbols, and stackable jokers. These special symbols are intended to expand or complete winning combinations across the entire game board. As you might have guessed, this effect will create an avalanche of coins in your pot.