Craps game Canada as one of the most ancient and easy games to play for fun

Craps game Canada

Craps game Canada is a famous table game that doesn’t require any special skills or strategies and offers the lowest casino edge. If you are looking for a simple game to have some fun and make money, craps would be a good option. In real casinos, you can easily find craps game tables thanks to the noisy and large crowd gathered to play. The fast pace and the many chips scattered around the table can be confusing for beginners. However, a huge number of online casinos offer to your attention the service of online gambling tables, where you can familiarize yourself with the game without leaving your home.

The basic rules and bets of craps game online

Craps game Canada is a fun game that usually brings a lot of entertainment in which a player who can be called “shooter” places his bet on a traditionally long game table and rolls a pair of dice. In this case, the dice must push off the sides surrounding the table in order for the throw to be valid. The game takes place in several stages as Come Out Roll and Point Roll where the shooter and all the other players should place bets. Very often, beginners who only start to learn craps casino game are too overwhelmed by the big number of available types of bets. But that is the most important to know before starting the game as the final outcome depends exclusively on which bet you place. To not get confused, you can check the most common bets for craps below:

  1. Pass Line – wins if on the stage of Come Out Roll, as a result of the throw, the total is seven or eleven;
  2. Don’t Pass Line – wins if the dice combination is two, three, or twelve;
  3. Call – wins if during the Point Roll stage the total on the dice is seven or eleven;
  4. Don’t Call – means that the shooter will not play at the Call bet;
  5. Odds – additional bets in craps game Canada that increase the number of chips in the Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Call, and Don’t Call fields.

The main bet in the craps game is the Pass Line, and this is what players use in most cases. Once you understand how this bet works, you can start playing. Over time, the more you get used to the craps table and different types of bets, the better you will understand how to get a win.

Online casinos to play free craps game in Canada

Playing craps game Canada for real money is very thrilling but can be too risky if you are a beginner without experience. In this case, you still have a great opportunity to learn everything about this interesting game and get the necessary skills and knowledge. There are a lot of ways to play craps game online for free without the need of spending your own money for the practice. Many online casinos in Canada offer free demo versions of craps with absolutely no deposits, moreover, they have apps that you can download and open right on your mobile phone. The best of them are:

  1. JackpotCity Casino;
  2. Playamo;
  3. Gate777;
  4. Casiplay;
  5. Casumo.

There you can enjoy the real craps game with all the same features as the one for money. Also, you can download Craps Trainer Free that will help you to train all the necessary skills to be able to win and make good money in the future.